NGC 2775 (H-2064-H) - Galassia in Canes Venatici
NGC 2775 (H-2064-H)
Galassia in Canes Venatici
(RA: 09 10.3; DEC: +07 03; MAG: 11.5)

This beautiful spiral is similar to NGC 3898. The spiral pattern is more easily seen because NGC 2775 is observed almost face on. Notice that the arms cannot be traced as individual structures but rather as separate segments, as is true in all multiple-arm galaxies of types Sa and Sb. The arms, with their associated dust lanes, start abruptly at the edge of a completely amorphous central nucleus and lens. The boundary between the lens and the spiral structure is sharp.

Note the thin dust lane on the outside of the entire pattern (about 45 mm from the center on this illustration, along the major axis) .

Mar.24/25, 1939 - Agfa Blue - 80min - Enlarged 9.2X