NGC 772 (Arp 78)

NGC 772 (Arp 78)

Arp 78 is a disturbed spiral galaxy located in the constellation of Aries. It is receeding with 2500 km/s which corresponds to a distance of about 100 million lightyears (assuming H0=75 km/s/Mpc). The galaxy contains a bar and a dwarf seyfert nucleus with ongoing star formation. There are a lot of dwarf galaxies visible in the immediate neighbourhood of the galaxy. They might be interacting with Arp 78, the bright dwarf elliptical galaxy on top of Arp 78 beeing responsible for the tidal arm leading towards the lower right and the weaker tidal arm to the upper left.

Date: 26.10.95 Time: 0:25 UT Exposure: B:10m, V:10m, I:10m
Field of View: 16' x 19' Receiver: WWFPP, 20482 CCD Filter: B, V, I
Instrument: 1.23m Observatory: Calar Alto Observer: S. Kohle, T. Credner

Astronomical Institutes of the University of Bonn

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